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The Neighborhood - Season 5

The Neighborhood - Season 5 >>>>>

Fronted by Cedric the Entertainer, The Neighborhood has remained a stalwart sitcom for CBS despite being somewhat divisive due to its premise and some of its socially-conscious plotlines. The premise revolves around a white family from the Midwest moving into a tough L.A. neighborhood, right next door to the Butler family. Many crossed wires and shenanigans ensue as the two families learn to got along and navigate issues that effect one or both of them.

While The Neighborhood has struggled to curry favor with critics throughout the show's four seasons so far, the family sitcom's fifth outing might be the show's most successful yet, thanks to some behind-the-scenes reshuffles. In a tale as old as the reviews versus ratings model of television success, The Neighborhood is one of many successful sitcoms that has won over audiences but left critics cold. Despite being a solid ratings hit since its debut in 2018, The Neighborhood has never wowed reviewers across its four seasons to date.

However, like so many comedies before it, including Netflix's recent hit God's Favorite Idiot, bad reviews alone can't sink The Neighborhood. The Neighborhood's tale of Calvin Butler, a relatable everyman with a dysfunctional family, and his one-sided friendship with the endlessly agreeable and uber-awkward Dave Johnson has resonated with viewers even if critics have not been able to share their enthusiasm. That, however, could change with the arrival of The Neighborhood season 5, thanks to a major creative change.

The Neighborhood season 5 will see the sitcom gain a new set of showrunners - it's third in as many seasons. While this many creative changes would ordinarily be worrying news, in the case of The Neighborhood season 5, this change could prove a masterstroke thanks to the showrunners lined-up for the series. Much like its ratings rival, Roseanne spinoff The Conners, season 5 of The Neighborhood will face stiff competition from a stacked network comedy lineup that makes the show's new creative leads all the more necessary. The incoming Bill Martin and Mike Schiff worked on an earlier Cedric the Entertainer series, The Soul Man, a Hot In Cleveland spinoff that consistently earned better reviews than The Neighborhood. The Neighborhood has been met with mixed to frosty critical reception despite its strong ratings performance, so bringing in The Soul Man showrunners looks like an inspired choice.

The Neighborhood's original showrunner Jim Reynolds left at the end of season 3 after complaints about his handling of racial topics on the series. He was replaced by Meg DeLoatch, who then subsequently left The Neighborhood after season 4 to focus on other projects. With streaming successes like How I Met Your Father growing popular enough to compete with traditional television sitcoms regarding viewership, it makes sense that the studio behind The Neighborhood has sought out some well-established industry veterans to keep the show afloat.

Fortunately for fans of The Neighborhood, this season 5 switch-up won't be making too many changes when it comes to the show's lineup. Unlike many imperiled sitcoms, The Neighborhood hasn't lost any of its impressive ensemble cast, meaning the addition of some veteran sitcom showrunners who have already worked with one of The Neighborhood's central stars can only be good news for the series. The sitcom's fifth season will need all the help it can get if the show wants to start winning over skeptical reviewers. Luckily, The Neighborhood season 5 sought out the right people to help the already-successful series improve its critical standing.

Ever since the release date announcement of the upcoming season of the beloved sitcom series, fans have been quite excited to find out what season 5 will bring to the table. With new co-showrunners Bill Martin and Mike Schiff taking over, the series may even take a different direction.

As reported by TVLine, Mike Schiff and Bill Martin acted as co-showrunners for the fifth


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