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Ikatja Qanderson
Ikatja Qanderson

Chihayafuru 2

Chihayafuru 2 :::

I like s2 over s1 mainly because of the unbalance. You mention that like a weakness in s2 (or a strength in s1) but for me, that is what it makes s2 so unique. The pace is so distorted in s2 (especially in karuta matches) that make every episode a experience by itself. OK, maybe s2 will not be remember as the best josei of the last 10 years, but (for me) it's the best sports series since ippo new challenger. You know, I couldn't resist and i'm reading the manga, and it has the pace that you will like but ,the karuta matches (and tournaments) is definitely at another level and i think people need to recognize that like THE BEST of chihayafuru. The mangaka is just outstanding on that. 59ce067264


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