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Lutron Homeworks Qs Default Password

The lutron/lutron credentials will not give you the correct feedback. Unique credentials should be created/used, or, the correct default login should be used. The correct default login info is listed on page 29 of this document:

Lutron Homeworks Qs Default Password

Download File:

Are you talking about Grafik Eye QS? The default username/password should work (lutron/integration). There is an option in the Lutron Telnet device that needs to be selected, and you need to know it's IP address:

As stated in the link above, your dealer will need to set up a login "lutron" with password "integration" as those are hard coded into Hubitat. Your installer may advise against it, as Lutron removed those default credentials a while ago, but as of now you can't do anything else in Hubitat and any security risk is pretty low.

TCP Username and Password are required for initializing a telnet session with the driver. The default username/password is lutron/integration. It is required that a separate telnet username/password account be created for driver use if other devices are to communicate with the Lutron system such as the Lutron Home+ iPad/iPhone app.

i am about to do the same with lutron homeworks QS can i am a very beginner but i have good understanding can you please provide me steps that you did to integrate it with HAssio i am gonna put a new clean install on RPI 3B+

first i am gonna find the ip of home worksnext i am gonna try telnet into it - is there a standard admin username or password for telnet ? i am fairly new and the lutron system was setup by professionals here my country 076b4e4f54


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