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Jarithayum Makkalum: A Malayalam Poem On Hunger And Humanity [HOT]

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Poverty and hunger are among the most pressing social problems in the world today. Millions of people live in extreme poverty and face chronic malnutrition and starvation. These people are often marginalized and oppressed by the society and the state. They suffer from various forms of discrimination and violence. They lack access to basic human rights and services. They have little or no voice or agency in their own lives.

Jarithayum Makkalum: A Malayalam Poem on Hunger and Humanity

In this article, we will explore one of the most powerful and touching poems that depict the plight of the poor and hungry in Kerala, India. The poem is called Jarithayum Makkalum (Jaritha and Her Children), written by the eminent poet and activist Sugathakumari. The poem tells the story of Jaritha, a poor woman who lives in a slum with her five sons. Jaritha works as a domestic worker in different houses and earns a meager income that barely covers her rent and food. She struggles to feed her children and often goes hungry herself. The poem exposes the harsh realities of poverty, hunger, and oppression in Kerala, and also appeals for social justice and human rights for Jaritha and her children.

The poem was first published in 1973 in the magazine Mathrubhumi Weekly, and later included in Sugathakumari's collection of poems titled Pathirappookkal (Flowers of Midnight). The poem has been widely acclaimed for its powerful and poignant expression of social issues and human emotions. The poem has also been translated into several languages, including English, Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu.

In this article, we will summarize the poem and analyze its main themes and messages. We will also discuss the background and context of the poem, as well as its relevance and impact today. We hope that this article will help you appreciate the beauty and significance of this poem, and also inspire you to take action for a more just and humane world. 25c41cae91


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